Licensed Asbestos Disposal Services in Melbourne

All Care Asbestos Removal has over 10 years of experience in asbestos removal and asbestos disposal services. We hold a Class B (non-friable) asbestos removal license for providing services to residential and commercial properties throughout Melbourne.

Our quick turnaround time ensures you a convenient and a reliable asbestos disposal service.

Disposing of Asbestos

Asbestos was used as an insulation in previous times and many older buildings still find asbestos in the construction material.

It is important to remove asbestos in a safe manner, however, disposing of asbestos properly is a bigger responsibility.

As a licensed asbestos removal company, we take full responsibility of disposing of asbestos safely. We are very well aware of the locations where asbestos can be disposed in Australia.

Asbestos Disposal and your Health

It can be stressful if you come across asbestos during a renovation or demolition project. This issue becomes worse when it is not handled safely. Not disposing of asbestos properly can prove problematic for the environment. Hence, it is very important you go for asbestos removal and disposal services for avoiding any serious health problems.

What to do if you spot asbestos?

If you have identified asbestos in your home, workplace or soil, contact All Care Asbestos Removal today. We will guide you through the safe asbestos removal and disposal process. Get a no-obligation quote for our services to safely remove and dispose of the asbestos.

Call us on 0409 026 164 and get efficient asbestos disposal services in Melbourne from asbestos removal experts!

Company Profile

Name : 
Precise Projects trading as
All Care Asbestos Removal

ABN : 34 625 756 541

Business Class : Private Company

Established in : 2009

Locations Established : 
Melbourne, VIC
Kalgoorlie, WA

Head Office Location : 
Pearcedale, VIC

Asbestos Removal Class : 
B Class (Non-friable materials)

Insured by : 
Rainbow Coast Insurance Brokers

Worksafe WA : 
Worksafe VIC

Licenced by : 
WARA Licence No. 121